NHL Top Three Wins of the First Half (Central)

Chicago Blackhawks (33-16-4) 1st in Central


Blackhawks vs. Islanders 10/9/2015

Blackhawks vs. Sabres 12/19/2015

Blackhawks vs. Avalanche 12/31/2015


Dallas Stars (31-14-5) 2nd in Central


Stars vs. Jets 1/7/2016

Stars vs. Canucks 11/27/2015

Stars vs. Hurricanes 12/8/2015


St. Louis Blues (28-16-8) 3rd in Central


Blues vs. Blackhawks 11/4/2015

Blues vs. Stars 12/26/2015

Blues vs. Kings 1/9/2016


Colorado Avalanche (27-22-3) 4th in Central

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche

Avalanche vs. Blues 1/22/2016

Avalanche vs. Blues 12/13/2015

Avalanche vs. Blues 1/6/2016


Nashville Predators (24-18-8) 4th in Central


Predators vs. Lightning 10/20/2015

Predators vs. Senators 10/17/2015

Predators vs. Ducks 11/17/2015


Minnesota Wild (23-17-9) 7th in Central


Wild vs. Coyotes 10/15/2015

Wild vs. Hurricanes 11/12/2015

Wild vs. Canadiens 12/22/2015


Winnipeg Jets (22-24-3) 8th in Central


Jets vs. Capitals 12/5/2015

Jets vs. Wild 10/25/2015

Jets vs. Predators 1/14/2016

NHL Top Three Wins of the First Half (Metropolitan)

Washington Capitals (35-8-4) 1st in Metropolitan


Capitals vs. Red Wings 12/8/2015

Capitals vs. Maple Leafs 11/7/2015

Capitals vs. Rangers 1/9/2016


New York Rangers (27-17-5) 2nd in Metropolitan


Rangers vs. Maple Leafs 11/15/2015

Rangers vs. Blackhawks 10/7/2015

Rangers vs. Senators 11/14/2015


New York Islanders (25/16/6) 3rd in Metropolitan


Islanders vs. Rangers 12/2/2015

Islanders vs. Blues 10/24/2015

Islanders vs. Blues 12/4/2015


Pittsburgh Penguins (24-17-7) 4th in Metropolitan


Penguins vs Canadiens 11/11/2015

Penguins vs. Blues 11/25/2015

Penguins vs. Predators 10/24/2015


New Jersey Devils (25-20-5) 5th in Metropolitan


Devils vs. Rangers 10/28/2015

Devils vs. Blackhawks 11/12/2015

Devils vs. Stars 1/2/2016


Carolina Hurricanes (23-20-8) 6th in Metropolitan


Hurricanes vs. Canadiens 12/5/2015

Hurricanes vs. Kings 11/22/2015

Hurricanes vs. Capitals 12/31/2015


Philadelphia Flyers (21-18-8) 7th in Metropolitan


Flyers vs. Capitals 1/27/2016

Flyers vs. Rangers 10/24/2015

Flyers vs. Red Wings 1/17/2016


Columbus Blue Jackets (19-27-5)

Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets vs. Capitals 1/2/2016

Blue Jackets vs. Penguins 11/27/2015

Blue Jackets vs. Avalanche 1/16/2016

NHL Top Three Wins of the First Half (Atlantic)

Florida Panthers (29-15-5) 1st in Atlantic

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Florida Panthers

Panthers at Lightning 11/14/2015

Panthers at Red Wings 11/29/2015

Islanders at Panthers 11/27/2015


Tampa Bay Lightning (27-18-4) 2nd in Atlantic

Tampa bay lightning

Rangers at Lightning 11/19/2015

Penguins at Lightning 1/15/2016

Lightning at Jets 10/23/2015


Detroit Red Wings (25/16/8) 3rd in Atlantic

Red Wings

Predators at Red Wings 12/5/2015

Canadiens at Red Wings 12/10/2015

Red Wings at Senators 11/16/2015


Boston Bruins (26/18/5) 4th in Atlantic


Rangers at Bruins 11/27/2015

Devils at Bruins 12/20/2015

Bruins at Red Wings 11/25/2015


Montreal Canadiens (24-22-4) 5th in Atlantic


Canucks at Canadiens 11/16/2015

Canadiens at Lightning 12/28/2015

Bruins at Canadiens 11/7/2015


Ottawa Senators (23-21-6) 6th in Atlantic


Canadiens at Senators 11/3/2015

Bruins at Senators 1/9/2016

Senators at Maple Leafs 10/10/2015


Toronto Maple Leafs (17-22-9) 7th in Atlantic

Maple Leafs

Maple Leafs at Stars 11/10/15

Maple Leafs at Penguins 12/30/15

Maple Leafs at Predators 11/12/2015


Buffalo Sabres (20-26-4) 8th in Atlantic


Sabres at Flyers 10/30/2015

Kings at Sabres 12/12/2015

Sabres at Red Wings 12/14/2015




Top Ten Games Of The Last 5 MLB Postseasons

  1. October 27th 2011 Rangers 9 Cardinals 10

World Series Game 6: This game had it all, 10 game-tying or go ahead hits, 6 homers, 5 errors, and web gems for good measure. In the 9th and 10th innings the Rangers got 1 strike away from winning the World Series but both times the Cardinals got the hit to stay alive. Finally in the bottom of the 11th David Freese came through with a leadoff home run to win the game and force a game 7.


  1. October 10th 2014: Royals 8 at Orioles 6

ALCS game 1: KC’s Alex Gordon came up with the big hit with a three run homer in the top of the 10th. O’s put the pressure on in the bottom of the 10th with runners on first and second but came up short.

2014 MLB #1 Kansas City Star

3 October 23rd 2010 Giants 3 Phillies 2

NLCS Game 6: After collecting a win in game 5 on the road against the Giants ace Tim Lincecum the Phillies looked poised to tie up the series at home in game 6. Early on it looked lake that would be the way things would go when they jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first. Then the tide started to turn, the Giants defense tightened up not allowing a run for the next 8 innings and scoring 3 to win the game and the series.


  1. September 30th 2014: A’s 8  Royals 9

AL Wild card game: The A’s came out strong at home in the 1 game playoff with their mid-season pickup Jon Lester on the mound. KC came up with a comeback down 4 in the 8th inning to send the game into extras. The Royals stole 7 bases in the 12 inning classic.

Photo Credit: MLB.com

  1. October 26th 2013: Red Sox 4 vs. Cardinals 5

World Series Game 3: After allow a game tying two run single in the top of the 8th Trevor Rosenthal was able to work a shutout top on the 9th to keep it tied. In the bottom of the 9th the Cardinals managed to scrap together a the game winning run on an obstruction call to give them a 2-1 lead in the series.

Cardinals 10:26:13

  1. October 7th 2012 Nationals 3 Cardinals 2

NLDS Game 1: The Cardinals scored both of their 2 runs in the second inning without a hit (4BB, WP, Sac fly). In the middle of the game the Nationals kept it close with stellar defense, Jason Werth robbed a potential two run homer in the 6th then in the 7th the Nats got a 5-4-3 double play to escape a bases loaded jam. The Nats then got a pinch hit two run single from Tyler Moore to take the lead. The win was the Nationals first in postseason franchise history.


  1. October 7th 2012 A’s 4 Tigers 5

ALDS game 2: Down 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th triple-crown winner Miguel Cabrera came to the plate for the Tigers with 2 on and two out. got him to pop up but A’s CF CoCo Crisp dropped the ball allowing two runs to score. The A’s took the lead back on a solo homer by Josh Reddick, but the Tigers managed a sac-fly in the bottom of the 9th for a walk-off win.


  1. October 7th 2013 Red Sox 4 Rays 5

The Red Sox scraped together a 3-0 lead to start the game with some close plays and timely hitting, but Evan Longoria erased the Rays deficit with a 3-run homer in the bottom of the 5th. The Rays gave their closer Fernando Rodney a one run lead in the top of the 9th which he coughed up allowing the Red Sox to tie the game at 4. Jose Lobaton was able to pick up his teammate in the bottom of the 9th with a walk-off homer.


  1. October 21st 2010 Phillies 5 Giants 6

NLCS Game 4: In the top of the 5th inning, the Giants gave up their 2-1 lead on a 2-run double right after managing managing to protect it with an outfield assist from center. The Giants failed to hang onto a 5-4 lead in the 8th inning when Sergio Romo let up a game-tying double down the line. Finally in the bottom of the 9th Juan Uribe hit a sac-fly to bring in the winning run.


  1. October 20th 2011 Rangers 2 Cardinals 1

World Series Game 2: This game featured some great pitching and defense. The Cardinals struck first string together three singles in the 7th inning to take a 1-0 lead. In the top of the 9th it took some small ball for the Rangers to get on the board, stealing a base and knocking in two runs on back-to-back sac-flies. Neftali Feliz pitched through a lead-off walk and retired the last three batters to record a save for the Rangers.


Top 10 Most Exciting Regular Season MLB Games Of The Last 5 Seasons

July 27th 2011: Angels 3 Indians 1


The Indians took the lead to start this game scoring an unearned run off Ervin Santana without a hit. Santana then pitched three more inning of no-hit ball down by one run until Trout hit a sac-fly to tie the score. When Santana completed the no-hitter he became the first pitcher in Angels history to pitch a no-hitter without a shutout.

September 26th 2011: Cardinals 4 Astros 5


St. Louis came into this game one game back in the NL Wild card race while the Astros came in with a lowly 55-102 record. The Astros got the job done will small ball, scoring two runs on squeeze bunts including a suicide squeeze to walk-off the Cardinals. Despite the loss the Cardinals ended up rallying to win the Wild Card over the Braves anyway and they eventually went on to win the World Series.

May 2nd 2012: Phillies 13 Braves 15


Braves fall behind 6-0 facing the Phillies ace Roy Halladay, but battle back and tie it with a grand slam by Brian McCann. The game went back and forth with an offensive explosion for both teams until finally in the bottom of the 11th with the score tied at 13 Chipper Jones put the Braves on top with a two-run shot to center.

July 17th 2012: Mets 4 Nationals 5


The Nationals were shutting out the Mets through 8 innings thanks to some stellar pitching by Ross Detwiler but Tyler Clippard blew the save letting up a three run homer in the 9th. Rookie Bryce Harper hit a game tying triple in the bottom of the 10th and the Nationals claimed the victory on a walk-off wild pitch later in the inning.

May 20th 2013: Mariners 8 Indians 10

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 20: Yan Gomes #10 of the Cleveland Indians leaps into a scrum of teammates at home plate after Gomes hit a walk-off three run home run to beat the Seattle Mariners at Progressive Field on May 20, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians defeated the Mariners 10-8 in the 10th inning. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Mariners had a chance to put this one away in the bottom of the ninth but closer Tom Wilhemsen dropped ball trying to cover first on a ball hit to the first baseman allowing the tying run to score. The Tribe fell behind again in the top of the 10th but won the game on a three run walk-off homer by Yan Gomes.

September 29th 2013: Tigers 0 Marlins 1


Pitching duel from the start with Henderson Alverez pitching against Justin Verlander. After the top of the 9th Alverez had finished nine innings of no-hit ball but with the game still tied at 0 the no hitter was still incomplete. In the bottom of the 9th the Marlins scored on a wild pitch making them the first team since 1997 to complete a no-hitter with a walk-off.

April 23rd 2014: Giants 12 Rockies 10:

Photo Credit: SF Examiner

Slugfest: 9 Homers in the game, 6 by the Giants including a go ahead grand slam by Hector Sanchez in the top of the 11th inning. Game went back and forth in the high scoring affair. Rockies still put up a fight down 4 in the bottom of the 11th scoring 2 and putting a runner on first before a double play ended it.

May 20th 2014: Giants 4 Rockies 5

Photo Credit: CBS Sacramento.

Giants went ahead 4-3 in the top of the 9th on a double and brought in closer Sergio Romo. With a runners on first and third 2 outs, a double from Arenado brought in both the tying and winning runs wing a line drive double

July 28th 2015: Pirates 8 Twins 7


Twins rallied back from a 3-7 deficit in the bottom of the 8th but surrendered a solo homer to rookie Jung Ho Kang in the top of the nith. Pirates closed it out in the bottom of the ninth with a double play.

July 30th 2015: Rockies 8 Cardinals 9


Carpenter led the way for the Cardinals early with his first career 2 homerun game, but in the 4th inning the Rockies stormed back with a two run home run by pitcher Chris Rusin to tie the game at 4. In the end the Cardinals won on a walk-off walk in the bottom of the ninth, the fifth lead change of the game.