Top 10 Most Exciting College Football Teams of 2012

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It’s been another wild one with amazing games each and every weekend. Our Best of 2012 series is driven by the data from this year’s games. The average Thuuz Team Excitement rating is a 50. Our most exciting teams of 2012 go above that rating each time they step on the field. These are the teams that have statistically been involved in the most drama throughout the year. The most close games, score changes, ups, downs, heartbreaks and victories…

10. Michigan State University (Thuuz Team Rating = 58.64)


The Spartans finished a disappointing 6-6 on the year after being ranked in the top 15 during preseason. Their high excitement rating can be attributed to playing against 5 top 25 opponents and in 7 games decided by 5 or fewer points, two of which went into overtime. They were almost able to take down the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes but fell just one point short.

9. Baylor University (Thuuz Team Rating = 59.28)


The Bears did not miss a step when it came to throwing the ball with RGIII in the NFL. Despite their 7-5 record, Baylor was a high flying team. They ranked in the top 5 for both passing yards and points scored per game averaging 353.3 yards and 44.1 points. In arguably the most exciting game of the entire year Baylor dropped a shootout to Geno Smith and West Virginia 63-70. 

8. University of North Carolina (Thuuz Team Rating = 59.29)


The Tar Heels did not have much trouble scoring points this year. They ranked 11th in the nation with 40.6 points per game. UNC played in 6 games decided by one score or less. They dropped a nail biter to their rivals Duke 30-33 and beat Maryland in the last week of the year 45-38. Close games and high scores make for a very exciting team.

7. UCLA (Thuuz Team Rating = 59.52)


Jim Mora has brought the Bruins back into the national picture. Their season was highlighted by a victory over their bitter rivals, USC, and games against 5 other top 25 teams. They battled Stanford in the Pac 12 championship game which became an instant classic.

6. University of Southern California (Thuuz Team Rating = 60.30)


USC and Matt Barkley were undoubtably the biggest disappointments of this season. Ranked #1 in many preseason polls they went on to lose 5 games and 4 of their last 5. They were involved in a lot of barn burners including a 62-51 loss to the Oregon Ducks.  Here was a team that was on this list for all of the wrong reasons.

5. University of Texas (Thuuz Team Rating = 61.58)


It may not have been the best of seasons as far as Longhorn standards go but boy was it exciting. Mack Brown and his boys had a way of getting into some high scoring and very close games and finished with a 61.58 Thuuz excitement rating. Not surprisingly two of their most exciting games were a 48-45 loss to West Virginia and a 56-50 win over Baylor. 

4. Ohio State University (Thuuz Team Rating = 66.41)


The story of the Ohio State Buckeye football season is one of what could have been. The Buckeyes finished 12-0 but due to sanctions are not allowed to participate in post season play. I am sure that Alabama is happy about that. Not only did OSU win but they made it very exciting while they were at it. They played in six games decided by one score including two overtime games. 

3. LSU (Thuuz Team Rating = 67.97)


When you play in the SEC you are bound to be caught up in some great games. LSU’s two top games were their 24-19 win over Johnny Football and their 21-17 loss to Alabama, in what was a rematch of last year’s BCS title game. LSU did not find its way back to the national championship game but they probably had more fun than Alabama and Notre Dame with these exciting games.

2. University of Louisville (Thuuz Team Rating = 71.91)


Louisville was another team with a ton of close games, 6 to be exact, including two overtime thrillers. They did not play one team that was ranked in the top 25 during their run through the Big East. Their triple overtime 23-20 overtime loss to UCONN was their most exciting game of the year. Despite their excitement, they almost ruined their season with late losses.

1. Stanford University (Thuuz Rating = 72.45)


The Stanford Cardinal was our most exciting team in the NCAA this season with an average Thuuz rating of 72.45. Led by Stepfan Taylor on offense and stud linebackers Chase Thomas and Shayne Skov on defense the Cardinal played in a number of the most exciting games of the year including an overtime loss to Notre Dame and a huge upset over #1 Oregon. Some of Stanford’s excitement rating is attributed to the fact that they had trouble blowing out some of the weaker teams they played. Coach David Shaw led the team against six opponents in the top 18 and into the Rose Bowl for the first time since 2000. Who knows what would have happened had starting QB Kevin Hogan played all year…

The Thuuz excitement engine pulls real-time game data to help fans track and experience the games they need to be watching right now. We’ve had fun this college football season. Download Thuuz now and make sure you’re always watching the right game: 

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